No. 39 Osmanthus Tea Perfume 金桂花茶香水

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A tranquil moment sipping green tea under a foilage of golden osmanthus trees in the gentle valleys of East Asia.

A pleasant introduction of fragrant, unroasted green tea leaves gently unfurls itself into an ethereally sweet scent of golden osmanthus blossoms with a heavenly myriad of peach, jasmine, apricot and slight leathery nuance.

We use precious golden osmanthus essential oil distilled from the farms of eastern Asia in the making of the perfume. The species, the most fragrant of all, only blooms every year from August to October.




Top Notes: Osmanthus, Jasmine, Apricot


Mid Notes: Osmanthus, Green Tea


Base Notes: Musks, Woody


Lasting Time 留香時間:

EDT - Around 3-4 hours

淡香水 - 3 至 4 小時

EDP - Around 6-7 hours

濃香水 - 6 至 7 小時