No. 40 Bar Rocking Chair Perfume 搖搖椅酒吧香水

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A happy hour strawberry cognac on Friday leaving you bubbly and relaxed.


This gourmand perfume is a must for alcoholics! Aromatic notes of tartness, fruitiness and a complex, earthy richness. Strawberry cognac top note on a caramellic, coconuty background and an ambery, dry woody base note that reminds of aged oak barrels.

A boozy scent containing remnants of wine precipitate distilled from grapes.

TGIF! 辛苦了,今天需要喝一杯放鬆一下嗎?希望我們這款帶有酒香的 Bar Rocking Chair 搖搖椅酒吧香水能讓你心情愉快。這一杯不能喝的Cocktail 以濃厚的草莓、拖肥糖為前調;

甜甜的雲尼拿、椰子、安息香的中調。這支香水特別加入了釀酒過程中葡萄發酵所產生的精油來營造酒香的效果,再帶出含有橡木醇香的酒香作厚調餘香,是一種Fruity 及 Ambery 的香水。⁣

Top notes: Strawberry, Toffee, Cognac

Mid notes: Coconut, Vanilla

Base Note: Oak
後調: 橡木

Lasting Time 留香時間:

EDT - 3-4 hours

淡香水 - 3 至 4 小時

EDP - 6-7 hours

濃香水 - 6 至 7 小時