We are captivated by the fleeting beauty of life's ephemeral moments - and we believe that the most evocative of these moments can be found in the scents that surround us every day.

Inspired by the Japanese concept of 'mono no aware', which celebrates the transient nature of all things, we approach perfume making as an artistic endeavor that captures the essence of the world around us. Just as a camera preserves a fleeting visual scene, we use our sense of smell to bottle the unexpected, the intriguing, beautiful aromas that so often go unnoticed in our daily lives.

Grounded in the rich olfactory traditions of Asia, our fragrances are experimental, creative and bold. We seek to transport the wearer to unexpected places - from the bustling streets of the city, to roads lined with Osmanthus trees, or a neighborhood vintage bookstore. 

Our scents and designs portrays a vibrant world of scent and color - one that sparks wonder and imagination and unleashes childlike curiosities.