No. 60 852 Concrete Perfume 852城市香水

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A stroll in the urban jungle - forever bustling, slightly chaotic with a faint, reassuring aroma of jasmine rice.

852 Concrete 是一款剛強的香水,帶有陣陣煙燻木頭、廟宇檀香、繁忙街道的氣味以及溫暖的飯香。

Specially curated city collection that symbolizes the busy ambiance of the streets of an urban jungle.

A complicated and multitude of woody facets with a sandalwood-incense scent of roadside temples alongside a metallic and smoky touch.

A hint of aroma of Jasmine Rice in the neighborhood reminds of a lightened heart of returning home after a busy day.


852 Concrete 是一款剛強的香水,帶有陣陣煙燻木頭、廟宇檀香、繁忙街道的氣味以及溫暖的飯香。⁣香港人每天為了生存而拼命地活著,慰籍或許就是歸家的路途上,聞到啖啖的白飯香味。每天勞勞碌碌,也許就是為了我們愛的家、愛的人拼搏。⁣⁣⁣



Top Note: Rice


Mid Notes: Smoke, Earth, Tar, Metal


Base Notes: Sandalwood, Amber

後調: 檀香、琥珀

Lasting Time 留香時間:

EDT - Around 3-4 hours

淡香水 - 3 至 4 小時

EDP - Around 6-7 hours

濃香水 - 6 至 7 小時