No. 29 Sara's Softener 莎拉的柔順劑

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A soft, slightly sweet floral and musky scent resembling soft blankets and warm hugs.


A scent close to bare skin, this scent is for everyone who doesn’t like to wear strong perfumes but love the cleanliness of after shower and tugging into soft, warm blankets.

Easy to wear with a pleasant aroma, embrace your daily hygge with this scent whenever you feel like it. 

這世界有多少讓你感到溫柔的瞬間?像是冬天被厚棉被包圍的感覺、或是與愛的人一個溫暖的擁抱? 我們都需要交換那一點點溫柔,讓我們有力氣面對充滿挑戰的生活。

Sara’s Softener 以爽身粉、衣物柔順劑等為藍本,以天然植物材料配搭出柔和的氣味。不喜歡濃烈的香水但又喜歡洗完澡後肌膚的自然淡香味、或是剛洗完的棉麻衣服的氣味,這香水便為你而設。那種貼近肌膚的氣味,含蓄而親切,朋友試過後,說是面對壓力的良方。

Top/Mid Notes 前/中調:

Rose 玫瑰, Honeysuckle 金銀花

Base Note 後調:

Ambrette 黃葵籽, White Musks 白麝香, Vanilla 雲尼拿


Lasting Time 留香時間:

EDT - Around 3-4 hours

淡香水 - 3 至 4 小時

EDP - Around 6-7 hours

濃香水 - 6 至 7 小時