Capturing Everyday Moments

Our packaging design is inspired by the classic photo album, with each fragrance presented like an instant film snapshot capturing a scent from our daily lives. This concept is perfectly aligned with our brand ethos of 'Snapshots of Scents'.

At the front of the case, a small fragrance "card" can be removed and used as a bookmark - mirroring the experience of pulling out an instant photo. When the case is opened, the full fragrance is revealed, inviting the user to immerse themselves in the scent.

This design creates a tangible, interactive experience that connects the fragrance to the personal, everyday moments we want to preserve and revisit.


Enchanting Illustrations

To complement the vintage-inspired packaging, we've partnered with acclaimed Philippines illustrator Ross Du to create original, vibrant illustrations for each of our scents.

Using a playful, imaginative style, the illustrations transport the wearer to the enchanting world of floriography - the secret language of flowers. Each fragrance is represented by a distinct color palette and a cast of anthropomorphic characters and animals that bring the fragrant world to life.

These captivating visuals not only evoke the essence of the scent, but also invite the user to explore and uncover the unique story behind each fragrance.