Shine Muscat Diffuser 香印葡萄香薰

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A fruity floral grape note paying tribute to the infamous and popular fruit in Asia - Shine Muscat grapes.

香印葡萄聞起來不覺得怎樣,但一品嚐,立即花香撲鼻,驚為天人,是水果界 Floral & Fruity 的代表。 咀嚼著葡萄肉、一陣混合茉莉花、橙花與玫瑰的香氣漸漸於口腔溢出,伴隨溫暖的花蜜香味。

This strain of grapes give off a fine, fragrant rose-jasmine note and a sweet honeyed aroma. A vibrant grape top note retreats quickly followed by a combination of silky, velvety floral subtle scent of rose, jasmine with a warm, ambery, honey-spicy undertone.



Top Note: Grapes 


Mid Notes: Rose, Jasmine, Neroli, Honey


Base Notes: Labdanum, Twigs, Musk

後調: 勞丹脂、藤枝、麝香


Lasting Time 留香時間:

50ml - 1 Month 1個月