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1. Followmeesh Blog

'There aren’t many niche perfumer in the city of Hong Kong, so when I found  Floriography which is based in Hong Kong I have to try their stuff and find out more. And, I have to say I was impressed! I love supporting local brands as well!' 

- Followmeesh


2. Chris Perfume Reviews (Chinese)

「市面上有許多桂花茶香水的選項,如【MEMO】、【Hermes】、和【Ormonde Jayne】等,但有些白花太多、有些太過空靈,如果你想要找一隻簡單又純粹的桂花綠茶,建議可以試試看這隻喔!它在寫實與情境的描繪上實屬上乘之作,且CP值又高,我大力推荐!」⁣

- Chris Perfume Reviews


3. Cageling Blog (Chinese)



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