‘With Love from Space’ 月亮玫瑰擴香套裝 Limited Edition Moon Diffuser Set

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‘You are my sun, my moon and all my stars.’ - E.E. Cummings


‘With Love from Space’ 以太空作為主題,為你打造一個獨一無二的月亮擴香儀組合套裝,送給自己或喜歡的人。


我們為月亮擴香儀精心調配了三款香薰油。這三款香薰油可以獨立使用,或者也可以 Layering 使用。三款分別是 ‘Sun' - Bright Citrus 明亮柑橘,’Stars‘ - Rose Tea 玫瑰花茶以及 ’Moon‘ - Rich Sandalwood 醇厚檀香。

最特別之處,此套裝包括了Eau de Space小試管。Eau de Space 是由一位英國化學家Steve Pearce NASA創作,以太空的真實氣味為藍本,模擬的太空氣味能讓太空人在訓練期間適應,減少在太空上的不適。這種氣味是「煙火、燒肉如烈酒」的混合版,可能作為香水不太適用,不過能了解到太空的真實味道確實富有趣味性的。


A very special moon shaped fragrance diffuser set, comes with a hidden rose and a pack of red volcanic rocks.

Comes with three specially curated fragrance oil, with ‘Sun’ - Bright Citrus, ‘Moon’ - Rich Sandalwood, ‘Stars’ - Rose Tea. The oils can be layered or used separately.

Assemble the red volcanic rocks in the moon diffuser, place a few drops of fragrance oils onto the rocks and with the rose onto the rocks, and the lovely scent will slowly fill up your room.

A special gift sample of the Eau de Space perfume has been included in the set. Eau de Space is created by chemist Steve Pearce for NASA to mimic the scent of space, to let the astronaut get accustomed to the scent during training. The scent is described as ‘gunpowder, seared steak and rum’, and is a bit strong for wearing as a perfume, but nevertheless an interesting experience for you to discover for yourself the real scent of space.