Tunes of Hope Diffuser 希望之詩 插枝香薰

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A transparent, floral and radiant scent that reminds of a warm spring sunshine.


Gives an impression of a freshly opened red peony with citrus notes while scent gently softens over time. Soft, luscious scent of Sakura takes on with hints of juicy cherry notes, and then retreats into homey white musk and sandalwood.

「希望」的氣味對於我們來說,就像一片嫣紅色花田被春天和煦的陽光照耀著。此香水的主調用上我們非常喜歡的牡丹(Peony)香調 - 她燦爛像玫瑰卻比玫瑰更有氣質、如絲緞般順滑,又帶點柚子的清新。當香水鮮明的前調散去,隨之而來是櫻花散發出的可人甜美,以及櫻桃果香的點綴。氣味逐漸變得柔和,最後留下舒適的檀香與白麝餘香。

Top notes: Pink Grapefruit, Peony

Mid Notes: Cherry Blossom, Violet, Cherry


Base Notes: Sandalwood, White Musk

後調: 檀香、白麝香、雲尼拿

Lasting Time 留香時間:

50ml - 1 Month 1個月