Assorted Scents Christmas Gift Set 限定聖誕香氣禮盒

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Introducing our 4 exclusive Christmas gift sets, featuring a selection of your favourite perfumes paired with the newly launched No.39 Osmanthus Tea hair and body care products. Each set comes beautifully packaged in a festive Christmas Box.

Set A - HK $394 (ORIGINAL $448 - 18% OFF)

5 X 3ml 淡香水(隨意選) + 250ml 金桂花茶潤膚乳液 

5 X 3ml EDT (any) + No.39 Osmanthus Tea Body Lotion (250ml)


Set B - HK $599 (ORIGINAL $747 - 20% OFF)

3 X 10ml 香水(隨意選) + 10ml 迷你香薰(隨意選) + 340ml 金桂花茶沐浴露

3 X 10ml EDT (any) + 10ml mini Diffuser (any) + 340ml No.39 Osmanthus Tea Shower Gel


Set C - HK $799 (ORIGINAL $1016 - 22% OFF)

3 X 10ml 香水(隨意選) + 30ml 香水(隨意選) + 340ml 金桂花茶洗髮水 + 340ml 金桂花茶潤髮素

3 X 10ml EDT (any) + 30ml EDT (any)  +  340ml No.39 Osmanthus Tea Shampoo +  340ml No.39 Osmanthus Tea Conditioner


Set D - HK $999 (ORIGINAL $1387 - 28% OFF)

3 X 10ml 香水(隨意選)+ 50ml 香水(隨意選) + 200ml 香薰(隨意選)+ 250ml 金桂花茶潤膚乳液

3 X 10ml EDT (any) + 50ml EDT (any) + 200ml Diffuser (any) +  250ml No.39  Osmanthus Tea Body Lotion



Options for EDT 淡香水選項

No.01 街角舊書店 Old Bookstore
No.29 莎拉的柔順劑 Sara’s Softener
No.34 雨後空氣 After Rain Earth
No.39 金桂花茶 Osmanthus Tea
No.40 搖搖椅酒吧 Bar Rocking Chair
No.52 薑餅人 The Gingerbread Man
No.54 相思樹與杏仁糕 Mimosa Marzipan
No.61 852 白蘭 852 Orchid
No.73 香印葡萄 Shine Muscat
No.92 日暮粟米田 Cornfields

Options for Diffuser 香薰選項

No.01 街角舊書店 Old Bookstore
No.29 莎拉的柔順劑 Sara’s Softener
No.34 雨後空氣 After Rain Earth
No.39 金桂花茶 Osmanthus Tea
No.49 桃與白茶 White Peach Tea
No.61 852 白蘭 852 Orchid
No.73 香印葡萄 Shine Muscat
No.77 香料熱紅酒 (聖誕限定)Holiday Mulled Wine (XMAS LIMITED)
No.97 芭樂樹 The Guava Tree


請於結帳時註留隨意選香水、香薰。如結帳找不到空位填寫, 你亦可以電郵我們選項 (, 並備註單號

Please indicate your choice of EDT and diffuser, in the checkout notes. If you cannot find the space in checkout, please send us a email ( with order number to specify the choices.