Niche Fragrances from Hong Kong

Floriography is a perfume house based in Hong Kong est. 2018. We explore, experiment and curate perfumes, roll-ons, mists and solids from all natural ingredients.

Our signature line includes mini oils and mini mists, which fits in a palm and is travel friendly. We love colours and our goal is to create scents that are colourful and vibrant, that makes others happy.

We believe scents is not just for the aesthetics, it can also affect our mood and our well-being. We incorporate the concept of aromatherapy in our products and integrate a functional perspective to them.

Floriography means ‘The language of flowers’. From the ancient times, people exchange their thoughts and feelings by giving flowers. We believe nature has its own message for us to decipher and scenting is an art that lets us understand and appreciate nature.


HKID Gallery - 希慎廣場 5樓

D Barn - 寶琳新都城中心二期一樓大堂 A1-A2 (ZARA門口對出)

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